GlenDronach - 19 years Madeira Finish

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GlenDronach - 19 years Madeira Finish
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Schotland - Scottish Whisky - Highland - Single Malt Whisky
"Nota's GlenDronach"
The GlenDronach 19 years old Madeira Finish was initially matured in European oak casks and thereafter finished its maturation in a very small batch of Madeira hogsheads, giving the final whisky its own range of unique flavours and aromas.
The GlenDronach 19 years old Madeira Wood Finish
Antique gold.
Crisp apple and pear sweeten to apricot syrup and ripe gooseberry. A citrus twist and a touch of black pepper add a warm, contrasting depth to the ever-evolving nose.
Cinnamon-dusted tarte Tatin and notes of green apple skin balanced with the clean, crisp warmth of stem ginger and candied peel. Rich stewed barley lingers on the palate, adding a traditional character to the long succulent finish.
A delightful contrast of ripe summer fruits and vibrant warm spices perfectly complements the robust depth of the traditional Highland style.
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