Compass Box - No Name

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Compass Box - No Name
70 cl - 48,9 %vol
Schotland - Scottish Whisky - Blended Malt Whisky
"Nota's Compass Box"
For this, our peatiest whisky yet, we have decided on No Name!
The idea for this limited edition was sparked by the discovery of a parcel of casks of mature,
heavy-peated single malt whisky from a well-known distillery located along Pier Road, in the Southeast of the island of Islay.
A bonfire-like smokiness on the nose with a peatiness that is by turns tarry and medicinal with hints of autumn leaves. A powerful smokiness and peatiness follow, accented by hints
of ripe cherries, plums and spice.
Limited Edition release of 15,000 bottles worldwide.
Bottled September 2017.
Bottled at 48.9%.
Not chill-filtered.
Natural colour.
This is a whisky for slow sipping either neat, with a splash of water or with an ice cube, which will reveal the layers of massive complexity it offers as the whisky very slowly dilutes.
John Glaser
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