Casa de Mouraz - Planet Mouraz - Chibu 2020

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Casa de Mouraz - Planet Mouraz - Chibu 2020 BIO
Portugal - Dão - Vinho Tinto
Druiven: Fieldblend van 80% rode en 20% witte druiven
Smaak & Stijl: fris / fruitig / droog
Wijn & gerecht: eenvoudige visbereidingen, pasta
Serveren op 14°C
Bewaren: 3 jaar
Overige kenmerken: natuurwijn
"Proefnota’s Casa de Mouraz"
Light red. In the mouth it shows a lively character and a lot of freshness, typical of its youth, with very elegant tannins and a persistent and vibrant aromatic profile.
Very personalized character resulting from the presence of a large variety of indigenous grapes.
Perfect to pair with grilled fish, salads and pasta.
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