La Cantina Pizzolato - Amaretto della Nonna Giselda - 50 cl

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La Cantina Pizzolato - Amaretto della Nonna Giselda BIO
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Italië - Likeur
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Overige kenmerken: vegan
Nota's La Cantina Pizzolato:
"Amaretto from the distillation of real bitter almond, organic vanilla from Madagascar, organic cocoa beans from Peru and other very strictly organic ingredients.
The Amaretto liquor has a captivating taste that vaguely recalls marzipan and an intense almond scent. We try to replicate the recipe that grandma Giselda made at home, with the spices and aromas that she patiently taught us to use, only and exclusively organic. Organic Amaretto della nonna Giselda must be drunk as a digestive, or it can be used to add extra flavour to desserts, such as tiramisu or ice cream. It is also excellent for cocktails preparation, or simply added to coffee."
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