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75 cl - 16 %vol
Frankrijk - Aperitieven - Bitter
Bonal, verrassend verfrissend aperitief, serveren on the rocks met een sinaasappelzeste of te gebruiken in diverse cocktails, Word to the Wise, ...
Hyppolite Bonal, geboren in 1826, treedt binnen in het klooster van La Grande Chartreuse waar hij medicijnen studeert en een ganse kennis van kruiden en kruidendranken vergaard, een specialiteit van de monniken daar. In 1858, na 8 jaar treedt hij uit en vestigt zich als geneesheer-apotheker in Saint Laurent du Pont.
In 1865 creëert hij Bonal, een kruidendrank op basis van gentiaan, kinine en diverse andere kruiden en planten die gedurende enkele maanden gemacereerd worden in een mistelle.
Proefnota's Dolin:
"The authentic gentian!"
"Great yellow gentian, cinchona roots and orange are some of the main ingredients of this famous aperitif created in 1865 by Hyppolyte Bonal, a former Chartreux monk, and then bought by Maison Dolin. When poured, its dark amber color with coppery highlights first surprises and then the aroma of freshly cut hay and of peat appears, which develops into balsamic and menthol aromas, followed by sweet and spicy notes that evoke candied chestnuts. The attack is smooth and refined and the finish is long with a well balanced bitter-sweet harmony.
With its strong personality, our Bonal has crossed the French borders to conquer the world. While it's still very much appreciated as a digestif because of its many properties, it's mostly used today as a bitter in fashionable cocktails. Mixologists from across the world order this pretty bottle from Chambéry to add a few drops to their creations, giving them a unique taste, typical of the Alps. They appreciate its 100% natural and artisanal character."
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