Compass Box - Ethereal

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Compass Box - Ethereal
70 cl - 46 %vol
Schotland - Scottish Whisky - Blended Whisky
Nota's Compass Box:
"This version, called 'Ethereal', is a nod to the 'Eleuthera' bottling, the very first Blended Malt bottled by Compass Box. A blend of a Highland single malt (43.3%), a Speyside single malt (17.4%) and two Islay single malts (39.3%) ranging in age from 17 to 26 years, this new bottling was created by James Saxton and John Glaser to celebrate 65 years of La Maison du Whisky. It has a very fine aroma and flavour, with a delicate peaty, herbal and spicy character.

Superbly balanced. Very greedy (lemon pie, custard), the first nose is at the same time remarkably fruity (yellow and green lemons, green almond, Williams pear, Golden apple). On aeration, noble spices (cardamom, cloves, ginger) take over the olfactory space. Then, dark chocolate, candied lemons and vanilla take the measure of an aromatic palette that also features peat that is smoky, medicinal and camphorated.
Elegant, full of vivacity. Oscillating between root peat (gentian) and salt, green barley, white mint and aromatic plants (parsley, chives), the first nose is incredibly fresh. Capers, green olives and aniseed flavours bring a lot of originality to the mid-palate. Increasingly resinous (pine), vegetal (cough drops) and honeyed (lime), the aftertaste in turn raises the palette of flavours.
Long, racy. Creamy (almond milk), the beginning of the finish is herbaceous (tobacco), roasted (coffee), honeyed (acacia) and slightly camphorated. With time, candied lemons, fresh figs and wild flowers (dandelion) precede a malty, animal (bacon) and spicy (star anise, cardamom) retro-olfaction. It should be noted that the peat has become tenderly chocolatey over time. The empty glass is mineral (shale), slightly tarry and heady (iris concrete).
Rich, fruity. Tropical fruits, toffee, smoke."
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