Compass Box - Synthesis

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Compass Box - Synthesis
70 cl - 50 %vol
Schotland - Scottish Whisky - Blended Whisky
Nota's Compass Box:
"Compass Box offers a blended scotch made from two single grains (30%), two Highland single malts (29%) and two Speyside single malts (41%). Synthesis evolves, note by note, to the rhythm of a haunting melody whose tempo goes to a crescendo. The rise in power of a peat that becomes, over time, omnipresent, the herbaceous and fruity tones that illuminate the aromatic and gustatory palette constitute the soloists of a tasting in perpetual evolution.
Bright gold
Fresh, subtle. On the first nose, the scents of root peat take centre stage. Minty and spicy (ginger, cinnamon), the aromatic palette evolves towards very nice herbaceous (verbena, straw) and fruity (pear, mirabelle) registers. Gradually, candied lemons give a lot of dynamism to this serene olfactory sequence.
Lively, tense. In the mouth, earthy, spicy (pepper, nutmeg) and slightly camphorated flavours immediately recall the first nose. Smoky, ashy, the mid-palate is also medicinal
(tiger balm). Honeyed and vanilla, the finish reveals notes of almond and apricot kernel, underlining the empyreumatic character (Armenian paper) of the palate.
Rich, concentrated. At the beginning of the finish, blocks of dry peat, full of mineral salts, impose themselves with force. Tobacco notes continue the tasting, which ends with a backbone dominated by luxuriant vegetation. Vanilla, fruit (grape, white) and spice (star anise), the retro olfaction becomes progressively malty and ashy. The empty glass reveals notes of citrus (lemon, grapefruit) and porridge."
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