Kilchoman - Fino Sherry Cask Matured - 2023 edition

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Kilchoman - Fino Sherry Cask Matured - 2023 edition
70 cl - 50 %vol
Schotland - Scottish Whisky - Islay - Single Malt Whisky
Nota's van Kilchoman:
“Following on from the success of our previous edition of Fino Sherry Matured in 2020 – which was Kilchoman’s first global release of that style of cask – our journey with Fino has continued over the years. Closely monitored by Anthony, the 2023 limited edition Fino Sherry Cask Matured becomes our second Fino release. Anthony and Robin have hand-selected a total of 20 Fino Sherry Butts of which the spirit was distilled in 2018. Fino provides our spirit with an entirely alternative maturation style; one which isn’t often seen from the distillery with more emphasis typically placed on Oloroso sherry casks, predominantly used for our expressions of Sanaig and Loch Gorm.”
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