Starward - Fortis

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Starward - Fortis
70 cl - 50 %vol
Australian Whisky - Single Malt Whisky
Nota's van Starward (website - 28/05/2024):
"We age Fortis in 100% American Oak barrels to give a full, rich taste and enhance the toasty oak and vanilla characters of the whisky. Fortis also boasts juicy red wine characteristics thanks to barrels from mostly Barossa Valley wineries, which once held powerful shiraz and cabernets. Some barrels are charred for complexity, most are fresh, lending Fortis the intense red wine flavours that soaked into the barrel staves. We don’t chill filter this stronger release to closely represent the whisky that comes from the barrel.
A rich, full-bodied flavour balanced with the approachable velvety smoothness Starward whiskies are known for. Expect upfront notes of Madagascan vanilla pod and toasty oak. The palate is all chocolate ganache, cinnamon, quince and Muscadelle raisin with a lingering baking spiced finish.
Spectacular sipped straight and savoured. Or stir it down with vermouth, Campari and orange bitters, or in another classic cocktail."
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