La Cantina Pizzolato - Grappa del Nonno Gino - 50 cl

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La Cantina Pizzolato - Grappa del Nonno Gino BIO
50 cl - 40 %vol
Italië - Grappa
Serveren op 8 à 14°C
Overige kenmerken: vegan
Nota's La Cantina Pizzolato:
"Grappa is the expression of a millenary culture and tradition that consists in the extraction of what is still good in the residues of wine processing such as the pomace which the skilled hands of master distillers transform in quality raw materials to wisely ennoble to produce our national brandy. Grappa is a unique distillate of its kind. Italian by name, tradition and by law. A distillate with a crystalline colour and an intense aroma, perfect after meals and in moments of meditation. It can also be used in the kitchen, both to create delicious second courses and to prepare desserts. It is the protagonist of the spiked coffee, native from northern Italy, born among workers for fighting the cold and has become part of the tradition over time. It is dedicated to grandfather Gino, the father of Settimo and founder of the company Pizzolato, who always used to finish his meals with a small glass of grappa.
The young organic grappa is obtained from the distillation with copper stills and pomace of organic Prosecco grapes. The selected grappa leaves the distillation at about 78/80 degrees in volume, then the alcohol content is reduced to 40 ° with the addition of water. Subsequently, refrigeration is carried out up to a temperature of -2 / 3 ° below zero and, at the same time, the product is filtered. The grappa is then left to rest in steel tanks for about a week and is then bottled and packaged."
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