La Cantina Pizzolato - Grappa del Nonno Gino Riserva - 50 cl

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La Cantina Pizzolato - Grappa del Nonno Gino Riserva BIO
50 cl - 40 %vol
Italië - Grappa
Serveren op 10 à 16°C
Overige kenmerken: vegan
Nota's La Cantina Pizzolato:
"Grappa is the expression of a millenary culture and tradition that consists in the extraction of what is still good in the residues of wine processing such as the pomace which the skilled hands of master distillers transform in quality raw materials to wisely ennoble to produce our national brandy. Grappa is a unique distillate of its kind. Italian by name, tradition and by law.
Slow discontinuous distillation which allows to transfer all the aromatic richness of red grapes to the grappa. It rests in 225 liter cherry barrels for about 2 years.
Our Gino Grandpa Riserva Grappa has an amber colour and a scent reminiscent of liqueur wines, with floral and seasoned wood notes and toasted almonds hints, acquired thanks to its aging. Excellent as a after-meal digestive. Organic meditation grappa."
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