Alessandro di Camporeale - Kaid Sauvignon 2022

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Alessandro di Camporeale - Kaid Sauvignon 2022 BIO
Italië - Zuid-Italië + eilanden / Sicilië - Sicilia
Druiven: Catarratto
Smaak & Stijl: fris / fruitig / droog
Wijn & gerecht: zeevruchten, eenvoudige visbereidingen, …
Serveren op 8°C
Bewaren: 3 jaar
Nota's van Alessandro di Camporeale:
It’s an elegant and refined wine that will charm you with its inexhaustible weaving and its enveloping energy. You will love its saltiness and its enjoyable finish that recalls freshly picked almonds.
Tasting Notes
Colour: straw yellow with bright green reflections.
Nose: you can smell the typical Sauvignon blanc’s aromas such as lime, passion fruit, grapefruit, wet nettle, lavender and elder flowers, in addition to delicate and subtle minerals nuance.
Taste: dynamism and liveliness are the main characteristics of this wine that combines these exuberant peculiarities with a wide structure, enhancing its charm and its balanced softness."
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