La Cantina Pizzolato - Limoncello Limoni - 50 cl

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La Cantina Pizzolato - Limoncello Limoni BIO
50 cl - 30 %vol
Italië - Likeur
Serveren op 10°C
Overige kenmerken: vegan
Nota's La Cantina Pizzolato:
"A natural infusion prepared by combining lemons, sugar and alcohol, all from organic farming. It comes from the scrupulous selection of organic lemons, to guarantee an intense and fresh taste. The traditional recipe, handed down from generation to generation, involves the maceration of lemon peels in a carafe of pure alcohol. Our liquor made from sweet lemons, with an intense yellow color and a delicate and harmonious taste that will pleasantly surprise and refresh your palate. It should be served cold, to enhance its taste. An excellent digestive if served after meals."
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