Mirto di Sardegna - Zedda Piras

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Mirto di Sardegna - Zedda Piras
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Nota's van de Campari Group:
"Passion, experience and care are the authentic and genuine values that guide Mirto Zedda Piras, a house founded in 1854, produced in Sardinia in Alghero following the traditional recipe: only water, sugar, alcohol and wild Sardinian myrtle berries.
The harvest of myrtle begins in November, a centuries-old, unique and precious tradition - like its homeland, Sardinia - which is renewed year after year to create Mirto Zedda Piras. The typical Sardinian liqueur is obtained exclusively from fresh Sardinian myrtle berries, harvested by skilled hands who know the impervious places of the island, where this spontaneous shrub grows, the fruit of which ripens inland and along the sunny and windy coasts of the island, exclusively on wild shrubs.
Produced in Alghero, Mirto Zedda Piras takes its intriguing character from wild berries picked when ripe and left to macerate in alcohol. The small purplish blue fruits, which dot the Sardinian landscape with the arrival of winter, characterize its color and taste. Thus was born a genuine liqueur, with an intense color and the characteristic scent of Mediterranean scrub.
Perfect at the end of the meal, it best expresses its characteristics served iced and in slightly frosted glasses. Ideal for any occasion, it brings with it the flavor and aromas of Sardinia spread by the Mistral wind and recalls the carefree atmosphere of dinners in company."
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