Alessandro di Camporeale - Monreale Bianco Vigna di Mandranova 2021

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
Alessandro di Camporeale - Monreale Bianco Vigna di Mandranova 2021 BIO
Italië - Zuid-Italië + eilanden / Sicilië - Monreale

Druiven: Catarratto
Vinificatie: vergist en/of gelagerd op eik
Smaak & Stijl: fris / delicaat fruitig / delicaat kruidig/ mineraal / strak / droog
Wijn & gerecht: vis-, wit vlees- & gevogeltebereidingen (eventueel met roomsaus), …
Serveren op 8°C
Bewaren: 5 jaar

Nota's van Alessandro di Camporeale:
Masterly mix between the potential of grape variety and peculiarities of territory, Catarratto Vigna di Mandranova is an elegant wine, to be uncorked in special moments. Seductive and harmonious in its fruity and floral bouquet, it will pleasantly surprise you with its spicy and mineral ending.

Tasting Notes
Colour: Straw yellow with bright green reflections.
Nose: The fruity and floral bouquet, with hints of white flowers, lemon peel and green apple is complemented by a spicy and mineral finish, in which emerge notes of white pepper and flint.
Taste: Despite the large entrance and the remarkable structure, the high acidity makes it extremely balanced and upright. striking in its persistence."
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