Teeling - Sommelier Selection - Recioto Wine Cask

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Teeling - Sommelier Selection - Recioto Wine Cask
70 cl - 46 %vol
Ierland - Irish Whiskey - Blended Whiskey
Nota's van Teeling:
"At Teeling Whiskey we believe in driving the evolution of Irish Whiskey through the creation of new and unique expressions. As part of this innovative mission we have developed a series called the Sommelier Selection, an evolution of the Small Batch Collaboration series aimed at capturing the flavours from some of the world’s most renowned wine regions. The first two releases saw us explore the influence that French Margaux and Sauternes wine casks had on our Small Batch blend while the latest two releases saw how Italian Amarone and Recioto casks work with our Teeling Small Batch blend. The fifth and latest release in this series, sees us turn our attention towards Portugal and how its famous wines can work alongside our Small Batch."
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