Castello di Tassarolo - Adagio - Barbera Chinato - 50 cl

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Castello di Tassarolo - Adagio - Barbera Chinato BIO
50 cl - 16 %vol
Italië - Aperitieven - Bitter
Nota's van Castello di Tassarolo:
"The grapes, selected from different plots of land, are harvested from the end of September onwards. The wine remains on the skins for a period of 15 days, which helps this Barbera to develop fruit aromas and flavours and gives it a better structure. The wine then matures in Oak barrels for two years. The bark of the Cinchona Calisaya tree and Quassia wood are infused in alcohol, together with Gentian, Cardamom seeds, Juniper berries, Tonka Beans, Mace and Chamomile. The extracts thus obtained are added to the Barbera. The mix is matured in small Oak barrels for about six months until the right balance of the different components is reached. After bottling this wine can age for more than 20 years. Contains sulphites.
Colour: Intense ruby red with hues of orange.
Flavour: On the palate the bitter impact of the Cinchona is complemented by the sweetness of the sugar and its long-lasting flavours follow upon one another, ending with a subtly bitter aftertaste.
Bouquet: The bouquet with its notes of red fruit is completed by spicy notes and the aromas of the essences.
Pairing: This elegant meditation wine is perfect as an aperitif, digestive or served warm as a “cure-all”. It is an excellent accompaniment for all types of sweet dishes and ice-cream, though it shows its best qualities when enjoyed with dark chocolate and chocolate-based desserts."
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