Dolin - Bitter de Chambéry

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Dolin - Bitter de Chambéry
75 cl - 16 %vol
Frankrijk - Aperitieven - Bitter
Een bitter, die een mooie dosis fruit weet te behouden, op basis van diverse "botanicals" zoals bittere sinaasappel, gentiaan, kina, …
Voor een leuk aperitief, serveer in een tumbler glas met flink wat ijs en een sinaasappelschijfje. Deze bitter is ook perfect te gebruiken om er een spritz mee te maken. En in combinatie met de Dolin Vermouth Rouge en gin kan je er ook een verrassende Negroni mee maken!
Proefnota's Dolin:
"Italian style bitters!"
"Neither French nor Italian! In 1821, Dolin was situated in the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. Ferdinand Dolin, always looking for the newest trends, would draw inspiration from the fashion of Italian bitters to develop his own. These bitter drinks, originally appreciated for their medicinal properties, would become all the rage as an aperitif. Thus Dolin Bitter was born, made from botanicals and spices such as bitter orange, gentian, cinchona macerated in wine for many long weeks. It's this type of liquor that is used to make Spritz and that gives it that special bitter taste.
According to the Italian tradition, bitters are an aperitif to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a splash of soda water. Don't forget the slice of orange for a more glamorous effect! These days, bitters have acquired international fame as a choice ingredient in cocktails like the renowned Negroni and Americano. In addition to the delicate bitterness that mixologists adore, the beautiful red color adds a glow to the drinks, like a sunset over an Italian lake."
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