H.M. Borges - Frasqueira Sercial 1993

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H.M. Borges - Frasqueira Verdelho 1993 (gebotteld 2022)
20 %vol
Portugal - Madeira - Madeira
Druiven: Sercial
Smaak & Stijl: frisse zuren / eerder droog
Wijn & gerecht: aperitief, salades, sushi, eenvoudige visbereidingen, ...
Serveren op 16°C
Bewaren: eens geopend min. 2 jaar
Nota's van H.M. Borges:
Madeira Wine Frasqueira Sercial | Dry has a light amber color with golden reflections. Complex, exuberant and ethereal aroma characteristic of this variety. Notes of iodio, varnish, orange zest, nuts, honey and toast. In the mouth, it behaves like a dry Madeira wine with a complex aromatic concentration. Wood notes, well structured, firm tannins, which, combined with the characteristics of the variety, transmit rich and diverse aromas, predominating nuts, beeswax and some vanilla."
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