H.M. Borges - Malvasia (Malmsey) - 20 years

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H.M. Borges - Malvasia (Malmsey) - 20 years
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Portugal - Madeira - Madeira
Druiven: Malavazia
Smaak & Stijl: evenwichtig / matige zuren / vol / rond / zoet
Wijn & gerecht: meditatiewijn, ...
Serveren op 14°C
Bewaren: eens geopend min. 2 jaar
Nota’s van H.M. Borges:
Colour: Brownish/topaz, acquired through the contact with old oak, with orange shades.
Nose: Intense aroma of exotic wood. Notes of honey, tobacco, spices, chocolate, vanilla and toasted almonds. With a slight iodine aroma.
Tasting Note: The taste is inebriating, engaging, from the very nature of the wooden barrel, rich and complex. Notes of dried fruit, vanilla, caramel and curry, among others. Well-structured acidity and body in harmony with the sweetness and tannins."
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