Castello di Tassarolo - Vermouth di Torino - Bianco

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Castello di Tassarolo - Vermouth di Torino - Bianco BIO
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Italië - Aperitieven - Vermout
Nota's van Castello di Tassarolo:
"This is one of the most interesting and typical Italian fine wines. Traditional spellings of its name include Vermouth, Wermouth, or Wermuth. The origin of the name is uncertain, although in general it is related to the German Wermuth, “wormwood” (Arthemisia absinthium). Its fame originated in Piedmont and is owed to Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who first produced it in 1786 and “launched” it in his shop in the heart of Turin. In 1838 the brothers Giuseppe and Luigi Cora first exported it. By the end of the nineteenth century, Vermouth was widely exported to South America, the United States and all of Europe. Contains sulphites.
Colour: Light Straw Yellow.
Flavour: The White Vermouth is characterized by the extraordinary flavour of our blend, combined with a good proportion of citric notes, which are complemented by the aromas of the bitter roots.
Bouquet: The nose of this White Vermouth has balsamic and herbal notes, which distinguish themselves through the aromatic smell of Wormwood.
Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif or digestive, the White Vermouth is an excellent product to be consumed cold: it can be served pure or with water, which transforms it into a great refreshing drink. It is also the basic ingredient for many cocktails."
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